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Caring for you...

Thank you all for your patience during these strange times! I can't wait to get back working to see you all and I want to do so safely.

Following Government Guidelines, I will hopefully be re-opening on

Monday 6th July 2020.  I will call you to make an appointment w/c 29th June, all being well, so please be patient and wait for my call.

On returning to work can I please ask you to follow to these guidelines to ensure the safety or yourself, your families and mine. There hasn't been an official announcement on how to safely open, so these guidelines may be updated.


Please do not attend your appointment if you have any symptoms of covid-19 or know that you have been in contact with a person with symptoms. Call me and I will rebook your appointment with no late notice cancellation charges incurred


I will be requiring all clients to wear a mask until further notice, I will be doing the same! My lovely clients own School Days, Taplow if you need to purchase a washable mask. You can order from mid June. Different sizes available. Delivery costs applicable or collect from store free of charge.

Also I have seen a lot of people on local Facebook groups making masks.

**Please have a mask ready for your appointment, without a mask I will not be able to carry out your treatment.**


Colour Appointments: Please provide your own towels. You may remove your mask for hair to be washed. As you will be breathing into your towel I cannot use my own. You could use a flannel to protect your face while washing. Please have a different CLEAN towel we can use to dry your hair that has not been in contact with your face.

Hair cut Appointments: Please have freshly washed hair for my arrival. Please use a clean towel to dry your hair that has not been in contact with your face. I will not be cutting any hair that isn't freshly washed. If you'd like me to see your hair before washing, we can have a consultation and wash once I'm there.


Please open doors for me that I pass through to avoid touching anything unnecessarily.  Wipe down any surfaces which my equipment would touch. I may ask you to switch your plug socket switches on for me or you can clean these for me.

Weather permitting open any possible windows and doors for ventilation.


I will be working on a 1 on 1 basis, I know I do a few families, but can I ask kindly that you do not have friends or other family members who are not from your household over while I am there.


You will have a completely clean gown on that has not touched another client. I have purchased extra gowns to make this safe for you all.


I've always practiced great hygiene techniques but I will be more cautious than ever and disinfecting all appliances between appointments. Please allow more time for me to do so.

Thank you all for understanding, if you have any concerns please get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

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