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Bridal preparation


I hope you are as excited about booking your bridal hair &/or make-up as I am! Please have a thorough read through all my tips for your trial & wedding day below to make the most of your trials and to help make your wedding day run smoothly. Pass on this information to any party members having hair or make-up too.

If you have any further questions please let me know! 




Trial Preparation


Please gather any images that you like of hair and make-up styles. If you are booking bridal hair, could you send me a few pictures of the hair styles before your trial, so I can discuss if you'd need added hair extensions.

Have an image of yourself with make-up on if possible so I can see how heavy/light you usually wear your make-up. Also your make up bag to hand so I can have a look at what you usually wear. If you are going to self tan for your wedding day, please do this for your trial too.




PLEASE, please, please....exfoliate, moisturise & look after your skin!! It's so important! Following a good skin care regime reduces signs of ageing, breakouts, brightens your complexion and will make a beautiful canvas for your wedding make-up!!

Always use a soap free facial wash or cleanser twice a day and always remove your make-up properly at night. Don't just use a wipe!! Garnier micellar water on a cotton pad is my go to, followed by cleansing my face. Use a light exfoliator 1-3 times a week depending how sensitive your skin is. (Simple or Liz Earle are my faves!) If you have any dry or flaky patches on your skin, foundation and concealer will stick to these patches and cause your make-up to look cakey.

Moisturise day and night, even if you have oily skin, please moisturise as you can still have dry skin too!
If you’re unsure, consult a professional before selecting any products as you’ll want to be sure to choose something appropriate for your skin type. You can also find great advice on, simply search your skin concern in the search bar or click on the expert advice section to browse.

Drink plenty of water daily, your skin dehydrates so easily, this will help dry skin & will brighten your complexion. 

Moisturise your lips regularly… Blistex has a great selection for normal lips. If you have severely cracked, dry and sore lips, it may sound strange but lanolin nipple cream works wonders! Also I'm loving La Roche-Possay Cicaplast repairing lip balm. I can vouch for these having suffered with eczema on my lips.

Finally, please DON'T PICK AT YOUR SPOTS!! I know its tempting. You can gently squeeze straight after a shower or bath using tissue or cloth between your fingers. Try not to make it bleed, this is what causes scabbing and is difficult to cover with make up and also could lead to scarring. 'Zit stickers' have great reviews to reducing spots if you're looking for treatment. Also search advice on Paula's Choice website.

If you are introducing anything new into your routine, please do so at least 5-6 months before your wedding day so you can work out what is right and works for your skin. Feel free to email me with any questions!

  • Please have cleansed skin, moisturise and have no make-up or mascara residue before my arrival on the day of your trial and wedding day.

  • Tell bridal party members to bring along lipsticks on your wedding day to top up with. 

  • If you have any favourite products or have very sensitive skin, please bring along any moisturisers or products that you would like me to use. 



Hair Styling: 


Hair is best washed the night before your trial or wedding day. If you could shampoo your hair twice, really focusing on your root area all over to remove all the natural oil build up. Use little conditioner if your hair is naturally soft. Dry your hair and please do not straighten it! Even if your hair goes a little crazy, it's ok!

If any party members have extremely curly/unruly hair, please let me know so I can discuss options with you.

Hair routine - Get regular cuts on the lead up to your wedding. Split and dry ends won't give the best finish to your style. ALWAYS condition your hair when washing. Your hair will become brittle and dry overtime if you don’t, it protects your hair shaft, gives your hair a beautiful shine and will help to lock in colour for those with coloured hair. If its too heavy try a lighter conditioner, heaviness can also occur if there are high silicone levels in your product, which unfortunately a lot of cheaper shampoo and conditioners use to bulk up. The more expensive ranges are more concentrated so you only need a little amount. If your hair is feeling particularly dry, hair masks make great treatments. (Moroccan Oil have a great range of moisturising shampoo and conditioners and they smell amazing!) With any hair care product, invest a little more in them, they'll have better and more effective ingredients!

You can find great quality products on and

  • Please have any hair extensions washed and dried before your trial and on the wedding day.

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry on the day of your trial unless agreed otherwise with myself.

  • If you are having a blow-dry, please wash your hair on the morning of the trial/wedding day. Feel free to bring along your favourite hair product if you’d like it to be used!





On Your Wedding Day:



To help me ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly, I ask that you and your wedding party please follow these simple guidelines:

Bridal party: Tell your party to have images ready of the look they would like to achieve if necessary. Bring along a lipstick or two of their choice that they would like to wear on the day to top up their look. I’ll give my advice as to which one would look best. If they prefer to wear gloss, bring that too! All brides will receive a free MAC lipstick from your trial choice.


Hair Styling: Please ensure you have clean, dry hair to help the hold of your hairstyle, ideally washed the previous evening or it may be washed in the morning if discussed with Nicola. For any party members having a blow dry, please wash in the morning & leave wet in a towel.

Hair extensions - have these washed and dried ready for me on the day. Any wet hair will take time to style and this has not been accounted for in my schedule.

Please have to hand any hair accessories.

Make-up: Make sure your face and neck are cleansed and make up free prior to my arrival on the day of your wedding. Making sure all mascara is removed thoroughly!

Please have to hand any lashes (if anyone wishes to wear their own) and lipsticks ready for your make overs.

Wear loose fitted clothing that can be easily taken off without disturbing your beautiful hair & make-up creations!


Most importantly, please have the above completed before my arrival for your wedding day appointment. I'll have a schedule worked out for your wedding day to ensure everybody will be finished in plenty of time to get dressed and for those finishing touches. Any delays could put everyone behind and I wouldn’t want you to be late for your special day!




Some helpful tips!


If any party member is not having make-up done professionally I highly suggest to avoid using moisturisers or foundations with an SPF higher than 15. High SPF causes flash back and that horrible ‘ghost face’ that no one would want in photos!! Also avoid powers with ingredients silica and mica, these too are terrible for ghost face!

Your make up will last you all day and night long, but as your skin is still your skin, we naturally do produce oil, you may need to touch up your t-zone with a little translucent powder as the day goes on. Make sure the powder isn’t sheer or has a shimmer to it as this can look sweaty! And not too much either, just a little dusting! Blotting papers are amazing also as they won’t remove any make up, they just absorb the oil. Please ask for advice, I will go through all of this with you on your trial.


Be careful when removing the veil (if you chose to!) I will show a party member how I have placed it into your hairstyle and how to remove it.


Most importantly… have fun, smile lots (there’s always a camera nearby) and enjoy every single minute!

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