Welcome to Hairstyling by Nicola Hood

Cutting / Styling 


Cut & quick dry 

Cut, dry & straighten 

Cut, dry & blow-dry (med/short hair)  

Cut & blow-dry/curls (long/thick hair)

Cut Restyle (includes styling)

Blowdry (med/short hair) 

Blowdry with curls (long or thick hair)  


Quick dry & straighten after colour service 

Mens cut 

Children under 8yrs 

Children under 14yrs 




from £40



from £35







Colour Bar


Root tint (4-8weeks growth)

Full head colour 



Parting foil and face frame 

Half head 

Full head 


Money Piece (bright blonde fringe) 

Balayage/Ombre price consulation 

Parting foil and tint 

Half head and tint 

Consultation (including skin tests) 

Strand test

from £40

from £65

from £50

from £65

from £80

from £20


from £65

from £80



Thing's to remember before your appointment

  • Please remember to have yourself ready for when I arrive

  • For cut's you can wash before I arrive or I can wash for you

  • For colours have your hair dry, it can be left a few days without being washed but if it is quite oily please wash and dry before your appointment

  • Wash off any colour root sprays before your root tint - it will affect the coverage of the dye

  • Have your own towel ready for your colour service

  • Skin tests needed for all new colour services 48 hours before the appointment